Sounds Like: The most exciting moment of music in 2022 (Calling it now!) 

 How does one write about the latest King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album?  I mean, as this point, the with twenty-two studio albums under their belt, not to mention a slew of live releases, where do you start? Oh... I don’t know... how about with maybe the most exciting track we’re going to hear all year? How does that grab you?

 Strap in kids. You may see the seventeen minute runtime on “The Dripping Tap” and have a bit of apprehension. Well, rest assured, there is no need. That run time goes by so quick you’ll be asking yourself was that really seventeen minutes? The track starts off with a crackle, and some warm, syrupy vocals that sound like they’re coming off a well worn piece of vinyl. But then, we have lift off! The Australian six piece unleashes a frenzy of guitar fury. The track keeps building and  the song continues to morph until somewhere between the six and seven minute mark it happens. I won’t say more, other than I will I bet no other  album will give me a moment as thrilling as that this year.  

 The thing about “The Dripping Tap” is it’s just first track of a sprawling sixteen song album that have a ton of surprises still in store. While nothing rivals the heights of “The Dripping Tap,” the other songs don’t try to compete, but instead go in wildly different directions.  “Magenta Mountain” is the perfect chaser to “The Dripping Tap,” all soft and sinewy. “Sadie Sorceress” is a full on rap, while tracks like “Gaia” and “Predator X” going full metal.  Whats great about all the zigs and zags is how natural it feels from this band. I could go on, but why would I? Why would you want to keep reading my little words when you could be having your life altered by  “The Dripping Tap” at this very moment? What’s wrong with you?! GO!

Check out the massive King Gizzard discography on their Bandcamp page!

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